Sunday, August 21, 2011

My One Week Challenge To All

Use today to make a list of 5 new things to try. Weight loss related or not. Doesn't matter!
It doesn't matter how small or big, how hard or easy, or how silly or serious it may be.

If there is something on your mind, your to-do list, or your bucket-list that you have been putting off HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!

Write one down for each day of the week - Monday through Friday - And on Monday start the new week off right!

New week, New projects, New Outlook, New Opportunities, NEW YOU!

We all have those days where we doubt ourselves.
We doubt our ability to do even the simplest things,
We doubt our ability to finish open projects that we never got around to,
We doubt our ability to try new things,
And we doubt our ability to succeed at the tasks in front of us.

But we tend to forget that we have EVERYDAY to prove to ourselves that doubting our abilities to do anything was just a HUGE waste of our time! Why?Because you can't succeed at something you never try!

It is human nature to over think things.
But why do we tend to over think the wrong things?
Instead of thinking "I may not be able to" we need to see it as "Why not try it I have nothing to lose"!


80% of the time you will succeed the other 20%?
You will learn the skills needed to succeed next time!

So there it is! This is my one week challenge to you all and myself! Well, honestly, it is probably a good challenge to re-do every week! Good Luck to you all! <3

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