Tuesday, July 5, 2011

About Me, My story, and It Works Results

"Just remember that your weight does not define you, losing weight will not change who you are or make you a better person, and it will not change yo ur life. You are you, be happy in your skin no matter what size you are. Lose weight for you and you only, and do it become a better you not a new you." - Kirstin

Do to a few of you asking to know more about me and my personal story, I thought I would share this. This is my personal weight loss story, as short as possible, and my experiences with the It Works! Wraps.

I was 175lbs in high school - 1999 to 2003 - and a size 7, but in 2008 when I got pregnant with my son I was at my heaviest of 319! Not ok! NO NO NO! So after my son was born I decided to take my life back, and I did, slowly but surely! I am 5'9 and my goal weight is 150lbs. And I write this today sitting at 179lbs! being at 150lbs will put my BMI in the normal weight range, me in single digit pant sizes, and i will be a new healthier me !

When I started this jourrney in May 2008 I wore a size 22, a size 44H bra, and had a BMI of 47.1, which is extremely obese. Today at 179lbs I am wearing a size 12, a 38DD bra, and at a BMI of 28.1, which is still overweight, but I am less than 10lbs from being in the healthy BMI range!After losing 140lbs I decided to make a facebook page and start a blog to help others who were going through what I went through and I came across Kimberly's page selling and promoting the It Works wraps. I had already seen these products and contemplated using them to stighten up my skin, because let's face it, after losting 140lbs and having a kid, it does NOT look or feel the way it should, but after  all the money I have spent on products to "help" I did not want to spend the money on another product. After talking with Kim for a few weeks about it, she had me convinced I needed to try them, and thanks to her I did!Within my first 45 mins of my first wrap, I lost a total of 4 inches on my hips, waist, and naval. After 24 hours? 7 inches! And after the full 72 hours? A total of 11 inches! And my skin looks and feels better then it has in a long time, after just ONE! I knew I needed to pass these products on to others, and well, the rest is history! Here I am, a new part of the It Works team!!  

Thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to be here today, ad giving me the oppurtunity to do this! - Kirstin Krueger (See the Welcome tab for more on what I have personally learned and how I did it!)

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