Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Remember the weight mirror?

My words of advice for today -- If you go to a weight loss website trying to sell you something and the picture looks like this? RUN! Don't buy into what they are selling and don't get discouraged for not having the same results! 

  • For one, it is obviously fake, no one has the exact same picture in the the exact same place. 
  • Two, no one has the luck of finding the exact same outfit in two very different sizes, especially when you know at least some decent amount of time went by to lose that weight. 
  • And three, we all know there is NO WAY that bikini fit her that perfectly both times! Photoshop can be a bad thing.

Remember the weight mirror?? Here is what it said! Before at 225 -- what i should look like at 175  -- and what I do look like!

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