Monday, May 30, 2011

Todays Weigh In! 3lbs!

I dread weigh in, even when I know I have been good! It just makes me nervous and antsy, I think about it from the night before on, I feel like a teenager going on a first date every Monday! I used to weigh in on Fridays but realized that I had a "I do not care" attitude all weekend since I knew my weigh in was not for another week, so Now I do it on Monday so that I have to behave all weekend :) It has worked out so far! Well today I weighed in AND...........

3lbs lost! 131lbs gone, total! I have lost a small person! WOW!
Size 12, 38DD, 27.5 BMI - 188.4lbs

down from size 24, 44H, and over 30BMI - 314lbs

Could not be happier!

Now I need to get all these articles I have written up on here! Sorry I have been slacking! I have been working on my facebook page for this


  1. GREAT Job! Wow, you are very inspirational! Tried to find the GFC to follow your blog, but didn't see it. I followed you on Twitter and Networked Blogs, though!

    Keep up the good work! You look amazing!

    MFP - soshotout

  2. Thank you for the follow, I will go follow it back! And I am pretty sure I added you on MFP but I am on my way to make sure! Thank you for the kind words! It means a lot!


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