Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dumb Bells are better than by Dumb People.

I have heard the quote, There are no stupid questions, except questions not asked, and when it comes to weight loss I truly believe that. I am always here to help, See my questions sections. Ask away. BUT  not in all cases. In these cases I think this quote is much closer!

There Are No Stupid Questions, Just Stupid People - Moulee 

We all know losing weight in a healthy way is not easy, but the effort it takes makes the end result worth it. But the journey there is hard, and dealing with rude people is the hardest! They ask the oddest things and tell you the dumbest advice sometimes, which you should use to encourage yourself to keep going and not quit working out or give up. Just don't let it encourage you to punch them in the face as tempting as it may be. Here are a few questions that I have encountered on my journey and a few random statements that make you just shake your head.

Are you sick - Really? Yes I have lost all this weight for no reason but figured doctors wouldn't have an answer.

Are You are on diet – No, I just eat cake and pizza all day. Come on, it is possible to dig your own grave with your own fork, but that does not mean you have to starve yourself. 

Do You Eat - Yes, but only dog food, it keeps me thin and makes my hair shiny!

Does working out really work? – I love being surrounded by dumb bells than by dumb people. 

You looked better before losing weight or You were just as pretty before -  Gee thanks! Good thing I did this for me and not you!

You have lost a TON of weight -  Not quite a TON! Just a little over 100lbs. Flattering yes, but annoying.

How did you let yourself get so fat -  I have no idea, I just woke up like this one day!

Are you using any drugs - legal ones? No they don't work, I prefer the hard stuff, expensive but worth the loss. I swear when you do things the right way everyone just assumes the worst. 

Can you have sex again now that you lost weight - Yes, thank goodness! No one told me that big girls couldn't have sex

Are you going to gain the weight back - Planned on it, I had fun losing it all, thought i would do it again

Did this loss change YOU personally  - I hope you mean my personality, and No, but physically I lost a whole person so yes I changed.

What happened to you - The midget I swallowed decided he didn't want to live in my stomach anymore. GEEZE I got healthy?

Did your boobs lose weight - No my boobs got smaller, but I lost the weight

How did you do it without a gym - I forgot that there was this thing called the outdoors, and at home workouts

How much did you spend to lose - Not sure where you are going with that? A lot when i was trying new diets and pills, but now its just the cost of food i was easting already.

Did being fat make you so funny - Actually, i get it from my dad, but yes people calling me fat made me a smartass I suppose

I bet the boys are all over you now - My husband was all over me fat too

Are you going to eat all that - HECK YES I AM

Do you have to wear girdles or those Spanx-things - No,  I do sit-ups and you should too! 
Were you ever that big (pointing to people at the mall or in restaurants) - No nice response can be posted. Don't judge.
We're you always picked last in gym class - NO,  I was not always big
Did being fat make you bitter - No people asking me if I am bitter about being fat make me bitter
And my Favorite :: How did you lose it - Honestly, I find that question to be so generic it's funny. I just can’t figure out how anyone can ask it seriously, and I never know how to answer. Someone loses weight and you ask them how they lost that weight? What kind of question is that? To me that question is just as funny as if someone said “I just walked to the store” - “Really? How did you walk there?” The obvious answer is “by using my legs and walking.”

Now, although you may be tempted to respond to rude people with sarcasm or an equally rude comment, it is actually more powerful to remain calm.  Even though you might want to put that rude person “in their place” (whatever place that may be!), you will make much more of a statement by directly and unapologetically telling with them how you feel about what they said. Try it and see what happens! My guess is you will feel proud and empowered and the other person will feel embarrassed and humiliated this time – and you didn't say anything rude at all! But then again, I have no room to talk, more times than not it is what I call word vomit, and it just comes out. So speak away!

Just for some smiles :)
If you eat something and no one sees you eat it, does it have any calories?
If you drink a diet soda with a candy bar, are the calories in the candy bar canceled out by the diet soda?
When you eat with someone else, calories don’t count if you do not eat more than they do right?
Food used for medicinal purposes NEVER count, such as hot chocolate, brandy, toast and Sara Lee Cheesecake?
If you fatten up will everyone else around you will you look thinner?


  1. LOL this list is too funny! I especially loved the dog food comment. It's amazing to me how it doesn't matter if you've lost 10 pounds or 110 pounds, people always ask you the same questions. Like you're going to reveal some super huge weight loss secret or something. :/ It's COMMON SENSE.

    BTW, I subscribed to your blog feed! :)

  2. Well thank you! I always try to be as nice as I can, even when I am being sarcastic. You can tell when someone wants to learn something and when someone just wants to bug you :) Thank you for subscribing!


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