Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Toning Shoe Craze Over?

Ok - so I am late on this! Apparently the LA Times ran a story saying the toning shoe day was over, I believe "fad" was the word they used. Like pogs. Slap braclets. The shake weight will be next, anyway, they suggested after plummeting sales, people were catching on to the marketing and realizing the shoes provided no extra boost for your muscles.

There has been a large debate if the shoes actually worked and I've noticed that a large number of people who are saying they don't work never tried the shoes. However, are they still right?

Some of the wearers are saying they feel more comfort, they are experiencing less muscle and joint pain and they now have a killer butt. The question is would this have been the result of steady walking regardless?

I purchased a pair a year or so ago, and maybe I fell prey to their marketing but at the time couldn't find a complaint with a shoe that did a little extra credit. Plus, how could I pass up a sale?! Note the article to find out why they are clearancing stock... They did take a bit of getting used to and I did feel ridiculous wearing them at first but I personally haven't noticed any real differences had I been wearing a different pair. Though I feel indifferent to the actual product. I can neither dislike it or like it.

I have a pair of pink danskin ones and it took awhile to get used to them but I like them. Work out my legs? Eh. Maybe not. But they've helped my posture and my knee/back/hip pain has subsided (but that could be the 150lbs I lost too)

However-- I bought the sketchers flip flops on a whim from a friends store in Colorado after my favorite flip flops broke on vacation and I'll be the first to buy in bulk if I hear they are discontinued. They are sooooo comfortable! And durable. I wear my flip flops year round. Rain or shine, beach or snow! I know - I know! But I hate socks. I avoid them as much as possible. I would wear my flip flops to the gym if I could! And they are just as perfect as when I bought them. No flat spots. No uneven wear. Nothing. And people always stop to ask what kind of shoes they are cause it looks like I'm "walking on clouds" not kidding. I've heard it at least a dozen times.

I think the trend is fading out because of the prices and the economy. Who wants to spend $200 on a pair of shoes? No I! Not even if meant that wearing them everyday would make me skinner, smarter, happier or priettier. I can do that on my own with a pair of $20 shoes ;)
What are your thoughts on the shoes? Have you tried them or refused to buy them?


  1. I have a pair of Sketchers shape-ups that i bought used (she wore then once and didnt like them) so i got them dirt cheap ($20) and I like em!! Def can feel a difference, and not to mention what they have done to my butt!! but seriously, I think they are great, would i have bought them for $90-100, HECK NO!! But i do love them (and all sketchers... i guess i'm a fan of them!) now that i have bought them cheaply :)

  2. I have some sketchers shape-ups that i bought slightly used off ebay for 40 bucks last november. almost a year later and i still love them. they definitely improved my posture! i want a new pair now though because the bottoms are started to wear a little more and i'm going to run a race in december so i want to have some new shoes broken in before then. i'm going to be checking out ross sometime soon because i seen they carried them for roughly the same price or even cheaper in some cases.


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