Monday, September 12, 2011

Are You "Comfortable"?

Why do some people say they feel comfortable with their bodies, bigger, but end up losing weight?

There is an actress named Tamika Katon-Donegal who made ​​his acting debut in the music video for TLC's Unpretty. She played the older girl who turned to bulimia to cope with their weight. At the end is the confidence to wear a bathing suit and feel proud of your body. She was the host of Teen Talk, a talk show on teen issues and also told viewers that she thought of herself in a positive way and at the same level as the smaller individuals. I thought when I first saw it was beautiful almost perfect (I have a preference for larger women). But recently, I've seen in an infomercial for Barry Boot Camp program weight loss she says is proud that she can not wear the pants I had in more Unpretty music video. … I am heartbroken because she was so great for me. How can anyone, like me, a fat admirer, respond to that? How do you feel when someone does that?

Unfortunately many of the celebrities are under pressure to lose weight, and this, regardless of what he said about it. However, in some cases, depending on how well the size they are, they are comfortable with your body, but still need to lose weight for health reasons.

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