Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Well she was here and gone in 16 hours but brought weeks if not months of destruction with her.

We have some roof damage, lost a few trees and don't have power, but if that's all I can complain about I'm happy! We are all safe and that's what matters.

The entire city is blacked out along with most of all the other surrounding cities as well. It was eerie leaving last night to find fuel for the generator (which was no easy task in itself! Everywhere is out of gas!) there were no street lights, stop lights, or houses with lights on. It was pitch black. And a little creepy.

The Virginia department of emergencies are telling us that we need to prepare for 7-14 days without power. Minimum. So this could be fun!

We made BBQ chicken sandwiches and shells and cheese on the grill last night. Looks like we should get used to that haha!

Luckily the water is ok and working fine here and the weather isn't too hot or humid. It could all be much worse, so for that we are all very thankful!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for my family and all the others on the east coast dealing with the aftermath of Irene. Our prayers are being sent out to everyone as well!

Hardest part is going to be eating right and not snacking all day! Got to stay strong in all aspects of life! :)

I'm sure my pages and blogs will be very quiet till power comes back. Signal is few and far between and the cable is out so no Internet on my laptop period. But I will be back, eventually!!

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