Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to Celebrate Weight Loss Success

You hit your 10 pound weight loss goal. You lost those last five pounds and can button your favorite jeans. You are ecstatic and have every intention of keeping the weight off. Celebrating your weight loss along the way can keep your spirits up during weight loss plateaus and help keep you motivated to reach your goals. If possible, steer clear of food as a reward, at least until your new eating patterns are well established. Celebrating Weight Loss Outline your goals and write them down on a chart or calendar. Give yourself a goal, for example, for every five pounds lost and a reward or a list of rewards from which to choose. Keep the chart in a visible place to encourage you to stick to your plan. You may have to experiment with goals and rewards to find what method works best for you. Decide how much or how little you want to spend, if anything at all, and plan accordingly. Keep your rewards in perspective. Smaller rewards work well for smaller weight losses; reserving larger rewards for the bigger hurdles will help to keep you motivated and on track toward your ultimate weight loss goal. Celebrate the smaller weight loss goals with things you enjoy such as a manicure or pedicure, a new haircut or a facial. Rent a movie to watch alone or with friends or buy yourself flowers to put on your table. Each time you walk by and smell them, you'll be reminded of your success. Celebrate larger weight loss goals such as the 20- or 50-pound mark with a new outfit or an expensive bottle of perfume. Devote an entire evening to reading a book. Slip into a bubble bath for an hour. Visit a museum or other place of interest or work on scrapbooking that has been placed aside for much too long. As you lose weight and feel better, these rewards will replace the old habits and become a way of life. Continue to stick to your weight loss goals and take care of yourself in new, healthier ways. Tips and Warnings Make small changes to your diet, one step at a time, to encourage life-long, healthy dietary habits. Allow for a small weekly treat regardless of weight loss. Giving up something you love and enjoy can actually discourage weight loss, leading to frustration and difficulty reaching your goals. Keep your portion small and within moderation. Avoid regaining lost weight by avoiding excess sugar and fattening treats By Kara Schmidt , Contributor

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  1. These are great tips! When I first started my blog I tried to think up some ideas for things I could reward myself and I was shocked at how instantly my mind wanted to reward itself with dinner out somewhere. I was like WHAT?! NO!!! hahah. Its just as hard to train your mind as it is to train your body to live healthier!


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