Sunday, July 24, 2011

Holy NSV Batman! Single Digits What?

A friend gave me a pair of capris for my birthday from Old Navy, I thought she said they were a size 11, I never looked, I just tried them on and they fit. And I was happy!

Well, after wearing them for the third time, while changing I happened to look down and saw the tag! I read it, thought about it, and had to read it again! The jean capris that I thought were a size 11 (and trust me I was happy about that and bragging cause an 11 is a big deal to me haha) were ACTUALLY a 6!!! 

Yes! a 6!!! I'm in shock! :) I guess time to go try on new jeans!! No way my old 14s are going to fit!

Worst part is, before I noticed that I had bought a ton of new clothes online with my birthday gift cards! All size 10/11s OOPS! Oh well!

A little background... For those of you who don't know me  -  I have lost a total of 145lbs as of yesterday (ticker isn't caught up until weigh in in Monday), and have been using the wraps and defining gel from It Works (

I Was a size 11/13 when I started with the wraps a month ago. And I have only have lost around 6-8lbs since I started the wraps as well.

BUT 5 wraps later, and daily use of the defining gel I am now a size 6/8! Proof that It Works, well, works, and proof that the scale is NOT EVERYTHING and only a small part of how you should monitor your weight loss!!!

I am still in shock, I keep looking at the tag in disbelief! 


  1. Beyond amazing! I am still in shock :) but I feel better about myself, I feel like all this hard work was finally worth it, and my energy level is so much better!

    And I owe it all to people like you who have supported me!!


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