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Can You Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

I hear the question "do you know how to get rid of stretch marks?" all the time and it is probably one of the most difficult questions to answer. Depending on who you ask you get a  lot of opinions from those who claim to know how to get rid of stretch marks, but there is no guarantee that any of them will work. Different things work for different people and different types if stretch marks. Most people who have kids or gain/lose weight quickly get them, for those of you who are freaks of nature (Please note the sarcasm in that) this article is not for you!

It is sooooo easy to get stretch marks, they just happen, but getting rid of them whole different story. Of coarse there are ways to try to prevent stretch marks in some situations, it is not always that east and they seem to be more prevalent in women, or at least you hear about it more coming from pregnancy than anything, of course, it probably bothers us a lot more than it would a man.  I mean would it surprise you to learn that Angelina Jolie, Courtney Cox, Kirsten Dunst, Britney Spears and most other celebrity mothers you can think of also have stretch marks? In fact particular flaw is a fact of life and is common in both men and women, While men with hairy bodies and thicker skin are often able to hide skin flaws, they are much more obvious on women and so we have the misconception that it’s a woman’s problem when in fact perhaps as many as 70% of men have stretch marks also. That just goes to show you that these are not just from pregnancy, there are also other people who suffer from stretch marks apart from mothers. Especially those who have lost massive amounts of weight and even bodybuilders have stretch marks concerns. With this type of scarring a part of life for so many people, it’s odd that we treat them as if they were some bizarre disease.

In the current market, a lot of products from fancy creams and gels, to wraps and soaps that claim that they can get rid of stretch marks. However, people can’t seem to get the desired results, even after months of using some of these products. Sometimes it takes  a surgical procedure can effectively banish stretch marks. They have to be physically removed by a professional surgeon. table { font-size: 11pt } table p, li p { margin : 0px; }With this type of scarring a part of life for most people, it’s odd that we treat them as if they were some bizarre aberration! You should always ask your doctor about their recommendations first but after doing some research and personal testing I thought I would share about some products I have heard about or tried with those who always ask about it.


1. Homemade Soothing Oil - I have not tried this but I have heard a lot of hype behind it. You’ll find these ingredients in most health food shops:
10 drops wheat germ oil
10 drops vitamin E essential oil
5 drops grape seed essential oil
5 drops neroli essential oil
Mix these oils in a container and gently massage them over tummy, breasts, hips and thighs twice each day – usually straight after showering and before bedtime. Don’t be tempted to use more – essential oils in excess can be toxic, and some essential oils are not safe for babies or children.

2. Rosa Mosqueta Oil - This oil has a particularity that is a high percentage of essential fatty acids in its composition, which in turn give it the ability to stimulate and repair the skin. It can be used on burns, scars, wrinkles and on the main topic that we are talking about, the stretch marks, in that case the oil is quite effective if used in the initial phase of the stretch marks, when it still has a reddish color, giving more elasticity to the skin and reducing the contrast between the mark and normal skin, this process is slow, so the treatment should be done for at least 3 months, which coupled with its low price makes the total treatment cost really low in comparison to others. The oil application must be made at night, after cleansing the skin, put just a few drops in the affected area and massage until fully absorbed, you can still make a second application a day, always being careful to avoid immediate exposure to sun, which may cause skin pigmentation. Please be aware that this oil will not perform miracles, it is a good alternative to other more expensive creams, but as far more proactive and preventive purpose regarding stretch marks.

3. Bio-Oil -  - Bio-Oil is highly effective in helping to improve the appearance of existing stretch marks. Bio-Oil helps to increase the elasticity of the skin, thereby the possibility of new stretch marks forming is reduced. MY EXPERIENCE: Cheap, easy to get, available at Wal-Mart and all other Drug stores, this worked to soften the skin where the stretch marks where, and helped fade the color a little but that was it. I did like how it made my skin feel though.

CREAMS/GELS::: Reviews::

1. Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy - #1 on the top cream list - This has been scientifically formulated with a series of clinically proven active ingredients that smooth and diminish the appearance of stretch marks and scars from pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain, growth spurts, and surgery. Beginning with your skin’s extra cellular matrix, it works to repair skin by boosting collagen synthesis, restoring elasticity, and stopping inflammatory reactions before stretch marks become visible, while dramatically reducing discoloration. Skin tone is evened. Striations and deep furrows are smoothed. Stretch marks fade.

2. Revitol - Stretch Mark Prevention cream possesses powerful ingredients to effectively prevent and reduce the appearance of Stretch Marks while strengthening and deeply conditioning your skin. The Stretch Mark Prevention cream's squalene oil promotes healthy skin while the vitamin E and grapefruit seed extract act to strengthen the collagen and elastin found deep in the lower epidermis. By stimulating the production of your own body's natural collagen your skin will become stronger and its natural elasticity will be increased. This will significantly aid in the prevention of dermal ruptures that eventually result in stretch marks. Vitamin D3 is a natural derivative of vitamin D produced by your own body when you expose your skin to the sun. However, for it to aid in the regeneration of the epidermal layer far more sunlight is required than our everyday modern life will allow, thus alternate sources of vitamin D3 become a necessity. The vitamin D3 in this product will complement the vitamins E and A in the stimulation of new dermal cell production.

3. StriVectin SD -
The stretch mark cream turned anti-wrinkle phenomenon, now formulated with our proprietary complex of 8% (NIA-114+ Peptide) Actives to improve the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks in just 2-8 weeks. And even better, results keep improving over time, if you keep using our products twice a day. Along with the science, you get an incredible value. The average jar of anti-aging cream is 1.7 ounces. With StriVectin-SD you get a full 5 ounces of the hardest-working formula in the industry. StriVectin-SD diminishes the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles, improves visible discolorations, hydrates, improves texture and tone of the skin, along a clinically proven timeline. MY EXPERIENCE: It works great! Made mine smaller, lessened the color, made my skin softer, it was great, the smaller white ones I had on my pegs and arms were almost all gone. I have no complaints except the price which is why I did not continue use!

4. Mederma - $4 off Coupon
Mederma is proud to offer a stretch marks product that delivers results. Results that are visible to the naked eye. Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy is specifically formulated and clinically proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by reducing discoloration, improving texture and enhancing softness. MY EXPERIENCE: worked well to shrink size of stretch marks and lessen color. easy to find, price is fairly decent. see coupon above!

5. Trilastin-SR - This product contains potent collagen and elastin which are essential components of the skin. Elastin and collagen are major proteins that are necessary for skin structure. Elastin is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Collagen, on the other hand, is a compound that binds the skin and makes it firm. However, elastin and collagen production slows down or stops at some point during a person's life. Trilastin-SR provides the skin with these essential elements which allow skin to retain its elasticity, therefore preventing stretch marks. At the same time, these components also help the skin recover from stretch mark scars. This product also contains soy. Soy is a complete protein that contains all 8 essential amino acids. They are essential in the synthesis of new proteins. This has the impact of boosting protein synthesis which aids in boosting cell health, vitality, and function.


1. Ultimate Body Applicator - I have had the best results with these. I am 400% impressed!! And I know I'm not delusional in saying this stuff has made my skin SO soft, my stretch marks are fading, my nails are stronger, and I have lost 2 pant sizes! Expect "ultimate" results with this amazing 45-minute body Applicator! The Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results when applied to the skin. It continuously hydrates for firmer, smoother, more youthful-looking skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite and skin slackening. See results in 45 minutes.

2. MSM Soap, lotion and supplements  - MSM Soap, MSM Cream and MSM Supplements (ie, Flexamin, a joint and arthritic soother)  You can find them in most local vitamin shops, they are a little pricey but not bad and so worth it! MSM is actually called methylsulfonylmethane and is promoted as a natural source of sulfur by the supplement and health food industry...It occurs naturally in some primitive plants and is present in small amounts in many foods and beverages and it is marketed as a dietary supplement according to wikipedia.

MSM Soap:
MSM Supplements:
MSM Cream:


1. Microdermabrasion - This is a treatment that certainly you have heard about, but perhaps you are not entirely familiar with the process. The microdermabrasion is nothing more than a but deep skin exfoliation, by means of sanding, which can be mechanical or electrical, in either case the process is painless and the results are satisfactory. It is mainly used on the face, to remove acne scars and other superficial imperfections, but can be used on stretch marks, this is also one of the methods to remove tattoos, because the layer of skin that is removed is the same where the pigment tattoo is located. Each treatment lasts about 1hour and a half, the recovery period takes a few days, the skin gets very sensitive, and looks reddish, as if you had caught a sunburn, because of that it is mandatory the use of sunscreen on the weeks after treatment. As advantages we have the results that are relatively quick, the short recovery period, and a good efficacy in superficial lesions. The disadvantages include the high price, lack of efficacy in deep lesions and especially the fact that we only remove one layer of skin, rather than to take a corrective action for the future, this method is also known as crystal peeling.

2. Cold Laser - While a laser treatment can be considered a plastic surgery, I decided to include here also because it is a non invasive method, in contrast with an abdominoplasty (known as tummy tuck, which is also used to remove stretch marks in the abdomen). This type of laser, also known as “Cool Touch,” as the name suggests, uses a cold laser, emitting radiation that only affect the dermis (middle skin layer where stretch marks are), this radiation will promote the reorganization of the tissue and induces also the production of collagen. This, in theory, is the most effective treatment, because while others need first to cross the epidermis (outer layer of skin), this treatment only targets the dermis; the recovery takes 30 minutes, after that the patient can resume his life as usual. Regarding disadvantages, there are unfortunately many, the price is high, it takes multiple sessions, the first of which is the most painful of all and to see the final results takes 2 or 3 months. There are also several cases of negative feedback, in which patients do not see significant results (perhaps because they stop the treatment in the middle or at the beginning) and your skin becomes red and swollen for several days, so not all roses.

3. Derma Roller - The derma roller, which is nothing but a tool that promotes production of collagen in the skin (Collagen Induction Therapy – CIT). It is a small roll with embedded micro-needles, which must be rolled on the damaged skin, this process creates small holes in the skin that trigger a response of nerve endings, which in turn “commands” the skin to start collagen production to regenerate it, if we multiply this process by the number of needles in a derma roller, eventually we will have a fresh layer of collagen in the treated skin, thus regenerating the stretch mark and creating a new thicker and more elastic layer of skin, that way the reappearance of the stretch mark is avoided. As advantages we have the price, it could be used at home, multiple applications (not just for stretch marks), the major drawback in my point of view is that the market is already more or less flooded with low quality imitations and that requires extra great care while buying a derma roller, it is important to choose a quality one that has FDA approval and has gamma sterilized needles.

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