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Yum Drops FAQ

FAQ- Here's want you have asked about before Learning about Yum Drops®, flavoring and the "flavoring revolution"

What do you mean when you label your products natural flavoring drops? Our natural flavoring drops are a food additive by definition. This means it is not to be consumed directly, but becomes part of other beverages or foods when it is added. In this case it's for the purpose of flavoring. Natural flavor concentrates are just what it says. We use natural fruits and gourmet flavors with no artificial sweeteners. Our products go through strict regulatory requirements for food safety and labeling.

What exactly is Yum Drops® Flavoring "Do Your Drink a Flavor? Yum Drops® is a natural flavoring additive with natural stevia. The flavoring drops are used as a flavoring ingredient to enhance the taste and flavors of water, hot/cold teas, dairy products and desserts. The best part of using drops is you control the strength of the flavoring experience by the number of drops you used. Want it subtle, use just a couple of drops... 

What is stevia?
Stevia is the hottest new sweetener additive and product that is sweeping the market today. Stevia is natural, calorie free and about 300 times stronger than table sugar. That's why it has such a great appeal as a health alternative. Our sweetened products only use gras stevia. In FDA terms, this product is called "gras stevia", the "gras" is classified as- "generally regarded as safe" and can be used as an ingredient and does not require labeling it as a dietary supplement.

Sometimes my fingers feel a little sticky, why is that if I get some on my hands? Natural fruit flavorings are typically sticky. Especially concentrates. Its a combination of flavoring concentrates and a little stevia as well. stevia is what enhances the flavoring taste. Just like a pinch of salt makes savory foods taste great, a dash of natural stevia enhances the flavoring experience in sweet flavors. Remember, this is a flavoring concentrate in each drop. With 600 drops per bottle, there is less than 6 drops of stevia per 1/2 oz bottle and that will flavor over 6 and 1/2 gallons of water.

One of my bottles says alcohol and another does not. Why, and what is it used for? First of all, water soluble carriers are your friend and user friendly. Every formula requires something to stabilize and carry the flavoring concentrate. Some concentrates like mint come in oil form and does not mix with water for example. The carrier helps blend as well as homogenize the formula as well as to dilute the concentrate to the right formulation. We follow strict labeling requirements as determined by our flavoring suppliers. One supplier recommends using it another does not. Take a look at our actual nutrient label for details of ingredients. (click on link-natural flavoring drops for water- left column) Here's a deeper look at the subject. The anatomy of a flavor involves 3 components: the flavor, the carrier/solvent, other ingredients. A water soluble is the most common component in flavoring formulas even though it may or may not be listed, because of small amounts used. Here's what a water soluble carrier/solvent like polypropylene glycol does: Makes flavoring soluble Provides stable environment for the flavor Shelf life-stability User friendly Our approved nutrient label does not even list a water soluble even though we sometimes list it on the bottle based on directions from our suppliers. Our shelf life is 7-12 months though little intensity in flavoring is lost after a year.

What are the different types of Yum Drops® and how do they differ? There are four Yum Drops® Flavoring profiles:

  •  1- Yum Drops® flavoring for water and teas contains natural fruit flavoring with a natural sweetener to enhance the flavoring component. These products contain gras stevia as a natural sweetener. 
  •  2- Yum Drops® flavoring for coffee, dairy products and desserts contain natural flavors and natural sweetener to enhance the flavoring component. These products contain gras stevia as a natural sweetener. 
  •  3- Yum Drops® flavoring for dairy products and desserts and baked recipes contains natural and artificial flavors to enhance the pure flavoring component when used in baking applications. 
  •  4- Yum Drops® flavoring for sweet and savory flavorings contains natural flavoring to enhance the flavoring component. 

Can I use the same flavoring for coffee as I do for desserts and vice versa? Yum® Drops natural flavoring with stevia for coffee is the best choice and all you really need. You can use either one but we recommend our natural and artificial flavoring for dairy products and desserts where baking is called for in the recipe and sugar is added as an ingredient. The reason being, natural flavorings with natural sweetener can be a little too sweet in some baking applications when all you are looking for is pure flavor and where sugar is added.

What do you mean when you say Yum Drops® is a natural promoter of hydration and drinking more water? Because you control the boldness or subtleness of the flavoring, you drink more water naturally because it tastes great. Too sweet and you can't drink very much, but subtle and light and water becomes the perfect thirst quencher it was meant to be, and you find yourself finally being able to drink the amount of daily water required.

What is the Perfect Diet Drink?
The perfect diet drink is water and Yum Drops®

  • 0 carbs
  • 0 calories
  • 0 Fat

What is "The Perfect Thirst Quencher"?
Water has been proven to be the only real thirst quencher. Trouble with some pre-bottled beverages is they are loaded with sugar and after a while, you can't drink it, it's just too sweet.

Any recent studies to validate these two claims?
Men's Health March 2009 ran a study by the University of NC. It claims the average person is consuming 450 calories a day in beverages. That's 29 a pounds a year you either have to lose of put on. See out story line for full article. 

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