Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Best Water "Bobble" EVER

Water Snob? I know I am! I hate it sometimes but I can not stand tap water! I also hate wasting plastic bottles and the Brita filters are expensive and not easy to bring with you :( Well Dang! What to do???

GET A WATER BOBBLE! HA! Not a typo, that is what it is called. The water bobble is a heavy duty plastic bottle with a built in carbon filter that filters while you drink! Check it out! I had to share! I got one yesterday (In pink of coarse) for $12 at Old Navy! And I love it!

1 bobble purchase=300 waterbobbles, so save all summer long!

enter code FREE WATER when purchasing online and receive 25% off your order

*excluding shipping, handling, taxes and limited edition bobbles. offer valid while supplies last.

You can also buy them here at your local retailers

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