Saturday, July 30, 2011

Would You Use Pee To Lose Weight?

You think the idea of HCG using the urine of pregnant women gross..Try looking into Premarin. It is an estrogen hormone used for women after a hysterectomy among other things, like weight loss. It is actually made from PREgnant MARes urINe. Now that is gross. Not only are the horses abused to get the urine, but if you cut a pill in half they smell like pee.

I bet your doctor didn't tell you that when he gave you the prescription. People like to call it 'all natural'. Well I guess it is, but no pee for me thanks!

I've been told to look into premarin for years. It's nasty, awful stuff, and what's worse, we don't even get a 'good' drug from the abuse of mares and slaughter of foals. We get a drug that increases the risk of various cancers and even makes stroke more likely. Yay! I'll take twelve!"

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