Friday, July 15, 2011

Why People? Why? --warning, personal blog

Why are *most*people never there for me when I need them but expect me to always be there for them?
Why can people be friends with people when they need something but can talk about them when they walk away?
Why does everyone play victim when caught doing something wrong?
Why does everyone feel the need to be fake? The truth always prevail!
Why do people choose to lie when the truth always comes out?

Learn to think. Think before you speak. Re-evaluate what you want to say before saying it. Know what you are talking about. Know your facts. Be educated. Don't be petty. See both sides. Understand both sides. Look at the big picture. Look into the future. Saying something so very small can make a big difference. Think about how you may make someone feel. Think about what kind of impact it may have. An impact on where someone goes from this point. The direction in which someone goes from there. Step lightly. Life doesn't have an alternate route around burnt down bridges.

Things happen for a reason. Things fall apart so that better things can fall together. They may not make sense. Not just yet. It will. Be patient. Be open minded. Be willing.

Love yourself, because after all, no one can love you before you do. Love others, as best you can. But do not give all your love away in one place. Know that you can do it. You are your own best tool. Your own best friend. You are both the angel and the devil on your shoulders. Listen to yourself. Do not be conceited. Be confident. Be a good friend. No matter what. Listen. Support. Motivate. Inspire. Help. Do not be greedy. Give more than you take. Receive what is given in return. Do not expect to get anything back. Open up your heart but also your mind. Never use or abuse a friendship. Never let yourself be used. Speak up for what you believe in. Believe in yourself. You are you for a reason, they are your friends for being you, being them or someone else will not change or fix anything. Ever.
Be humble. Do not be prideful. Be proud of what you what done. Be proud of how far you have come. You may not be where you want to be, but you are not where you were. Do not be envious. Do not want what others have. Do not think others are better than you. Use others as inspiration to get where you want to be. Do not ever think you are better than anyone. No one is better than anyone else. But your actions can be better than others. Prove yourself. To you. To others.
Trust does not come and go. It is either here or not and it is earned not given to you. Do not break the trust others have in you. You have no idea what the consequences may be. Worst case scenario of telling the truth is far better than the best case scenario of telling a lie. You may get away with it now. You will not get away with it forever. The truth always comes out. Do not cover a lie with a lie. More lies lead to less trust. You will get farther with an apology and the truth. Lies are not worth losing trust over. Truth is the end of the vicious cylce of lies. Save what little trust and faith is left. Do not lie. It won't help. It just makes you look bad.
Choose your friends wisely. Chose real friends. Don't talk about people. Don't gossip. Don't lie. Don't manipulate. Don't play games. Don't pretend. Don't chose friends based on what they can do for you. Or who they know. Or what they can get you. Don't chose love that way either. Don't keep fake friends. They only cause pain. If they talk to you about others, they talk to others about you. Chose friends who's qualities are much like your own. Have multiple friends. Don't play against each other. That will help always lose a friend, or two, and yourself.
Stick to Bro code. Stick to Girls code. In or out of love, your friends will always be there. Do not chose one over the other. Do not play them against each other. Do not change for them. Do not expect them to change for you. Be there for them. Do not expect them to be there for you. Just hope they are. Never expect anything. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Never assume. Never feel like anything deserved. Everything in life is earned. Do not rely on others. Do not let others rely on you.
Guard your heart. It is too fragile to wear on your sleeve. It is too easy to steal. Always remember how hard it is to fix once it is broken. Follow your heart. Follow your dreams. Take care of yourself. Inside and out. It is the only body you get. Get up. Be active. Be fit. Be healthy. Be beautiful on the outside. Cook healthy. Eat healthy. Drink water. Take vitamins. Smile. Laugh. Love. Be even more beautiful on the inside. .

No one can be truly beautiful if they are ugly on the inside. Looks are temporary. They can go away. They can be taken away. There are no guarantees on looks. Personality is permanent. Programmable. Changeable. Fixable. It is up to you. You only.
Be true. Be kind. Be real. Be quiet. Don't be different around different crowds. Be yourself. Don't lose yourself in other personalities. If they don't like you for you, they never liked you at all. Don't change to fit in. Fit in without changing. Change for no one but yourself. Be original. Love the change you make. Do it because you want to. Do not do it because you think you have to.
Never be afraid to ask. For directions. For help. For suggestions. For support. Always be willing to give answers. Truthfully. Never expect truthful answers. Ask for opinions. Don't get mad when opinions are given. Make your own opinions. Believe in them. Stick with them. Give constructive criticism. Take criticism with a grain of salt.
Do not make excuses. There are no excuses. There are only motivations. Hold yourself accountable. For your words. Your actions. Your successes. Your failures.
Nothing is impossible when it comes to you. Impossible = I'm possible. You can do it. Everything is Impossible when it comes to changing others. Don't be manipulative. Do not expect to mold anyone. Do not try to mold anyone. Do not take things personally. Do not try to change anyone. Do not waste your time. Realize how hard it is to change yourself and you will see how impossible it is to change others.

Do not live in the past. It has been done. It is over. Learn from it. Move on. Your past can not be changed. Do not dwell on the things you can't change. Your past made you who you are today. Why would you want to change it. There are no promises. Things could be worse.
Pay attention to what is in front of you. Do not let today pass you by. Do not let it go without making new memories. Don'tlet it pass by without a purpose. Focus on your future. Figure out what you want. Go for it. Your future can be changed.

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