Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to Beat the Bloat

Sometimes, no matter how well you have been eating, or how much you have been exercising, you just feel massive. Bloating is a big problem for a lot of us and can be really disheartening when you have been working out so hard. Bloating is caused by excess gas in the intestines and could be due to a number of things like a food intolerance (most likely wheat), IBS or poor digestion. Obviously, for women, it could also be hormonal. You should always check with your doctor to make sure it is not an underlying medical condition. If you get the all clear, try the following things…
If you want to try and beat the bloat, try cutting down on the following foods:
- Pizzas and pies
- Bread
- Beer (and alcohol in general)
- Anything covered in breadcrumbs
- Biscuits and cakes
- White pasta
- Vinegar and pickled products
- Gassy foods like sprouts
Foods to enjoy to help beat the bloat:
- Quinoa
- Soda bread
- Lean protein like chicken and fish
- Almonds and cashews
- Natural bio yogurt
- Eggs
- Lots and lots of fresh vegetables
- Anything that is full of fibre (women need at least 25g per day). Don’t go over this though, as you could end up feeling even more bloated.
Other things you can do to help:
- Drink lots of water
- Cut back on salt. Water retention can be a big cause of bloating.
- Eat slowly. A bit cause of bloating is swallowing too much air when you eat, which happens when you eat too fast. Don’t eat on the run, or talk too much when you eat either. Also, chew with your mouth shut, but that is just good manners anyway!
- Avoid carbonated drinks
- Don’t chew gum, as you are taking in extra air.
- Avoid artificial sweeteners


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