Monday, June 20, 2011

This Weeks Weigh In!

Weigh in complete!

 MyFitnessPal says -- KirstinKrueger lost 2.4 pounds since her last weigh-in! She's lost 136 pounds so far. :):)

 I did not think it would go that well, but i guess all the dancing this weekend worked out for me! I feel so close but yet so far away! I keep reminding myself that I shouldn't stress over 33lbs when I have lost 136 but goodness gracious I want to be there already (Don't we all!)

"If you're looking for the love of your life,try looking in the mirror FIRST.You can't be loved if YOU don't love YOU first & foremost & that is NOT selfish just truth!" Courtney C Biggest Loser Season 11

It is so true and something I needed to learn. If i could love myself at my biggest,then after all my hard work and losing 130+lbs there is no reason to not love myself now. There is never a reason to not love yourself. EVER!

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