Monday, June 6, 2011


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I was asked to repost this cause my answer as WAY too long and you could not read it. So here it is!

Anon Asked - Are there any foods you have completely given up? Are there any new foods that you are eating that you now love, but never used to?

Answer - I do not drink soda but every so often. And it's very rare. I also don't eat sweets really anymore and I avoid fast food. The one thing that was hardest to cut back on was sweet tea! But if I've learned one thing, it's if you crave it, eat it. Want a soda bad? Drink 1/2 of can. If you wait eventually you'll cave and drink a 2 liter! A candy bar? Split it in 1/4s. Fast food, order a kids meal. It's really all about moderation. If you have a king size kit kat in front of you, you'll eat it. If you only take a little bit and put the rest away you will be less likely to eat it all at once. Granted don't buy the king size ones either ;) New foods? Low-fat milk. Took a long time to get used to! However the calorie count chocolate milk is heaven in a carton! I've also been trying to use things like whole grain noodles or veggie noodles instead of egg noodles and add extra veggies to everything. Shh don't tell my husband! I have gotten a lot more adventurous in my cooking and trying harder to use more fresh ingredients in my meals. I have learned though that I love the veggie chips, and pop chips! Pop chips are awesome! Low cal, good, and filling! (amazon sells variety boxes!) I've always been a healthy eater so not much has changed except my portions! Learning portions was a big deal for me. A definite wake up call. *Side note I was reading today that people who buy those 100 cal packs eat more cals in snacks than people who eat out of a normal box cause they think it's better for them and it's not filling.

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  1. I love the veggie straws, such a good snack food! I've cut out regular soda completely and only drink diet soda once in a blue moon. Fast food is completely out for me because the sodium is ridiculous which Joey can't have and we eat the same things. As far as candy, I keep healthier sweet options in the house. Examples are 90-calorie rice krispy treats, granola thins with dark chocolate and nutella. I don't even bother with the 100 calorie packs anymore. I would eat a bunch of them rather than a healthy portion since they left me wanting more. Now, I buy full size and portion them out appropriately. :)


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