Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Beer Drinkers Diet

So everyone wants that one diet where nothing changes about your day to day but weight just falls off, like you are part of Steven King’s Thinner, and we all know that a beer lover is a beer lover, so why can not we not combine the two and make an awesome diet out of it? We all want to be able to drink our favorite drinks and stay in great shape and lose weight at the same time, but we all know it can not be done. Or can it?

Well in all seriousness there are always a lot of questions from people asking about how to utilize, monitor, or cut out beer while dieting, and some people think that it may be useful and practical to drink beer while dieting. “Beer drinker’s diet” technique was a book writen Bradley Cailor after fighting with his weight and trying all the fad diets he could find. He claims after he started to eat what he wanted and drink beer that he lost over 100lbs. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well in reality what he did was follow a well known weight loss strategy of eating the foods you love in moderation, like smaller portions more times a day. So as fun as a beer drinking diet sounds, not everything is what it seems! But this does show you that you can experiment with moderation eating, keeping all of your favorite foods and drinks in your diet, and still have results!

“It is a mental matter, guys. Realizing that you are allowed to have fun eating makes it work great for you!”-Bradley Cailor.

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